New Prog Rock Record ARCANA


Our much awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed Progressive Rock album Cosmologica is finally here. It is called Arcana and is the sixteenth collective release from Circe Link and Christian Nesmith.

The Major Arcana are the trump cards from a Tarot deck, and each song on this album is a retelling of the cards The Tower, The Magician, The Fool, The Hanged Man, and The Chariot.

The themes are quite naturally magical in tone and suit the genre of Progressive Rock perfectly, sonically serving the same goals of inspiring awe, suspense, joy, angst, redemption and more in our beloved listeners.

Recorded over the last few years we have taken our time to make sure this offering not only says what we intend but adheres to the standard of audio excellence we demand of ourselves.
As per usual, most of the instrumentation is played by Christian Nesmith, but for this record we wanted to make the sounds even better and were able to bring in the legendary drummer Christopher Allis to fulfill this goal. Additionally, we brought in Matt Brown on The Chariot for some juicy keys that we are sure will please your ears.

We plan to release this record July 1st 2024 and are happy for your support in this momentous achievement of our sixteenth release.

We have never been on a major label but has not stopped us as we have been incredibly lucky to have a cherished fan base who have generously contributed to the funding of our records.
With that in mind we offer you the following tier levels to help us get Arcana printed and into the world.


$20.00 A digital download and our deepest gratitude.

$40.00 A physical copy, a digital download, stickers, and even more gratitude.

$100.00 A physical copy, a digital download, stickers, our autographs on your copy, and a Tarot card reading from Circe online.

$200.00 A physical copy, a digital download, stickers, our autographs, a Tarot card reading, and one Dream Interpretation session with Circe.

$500.00 A physical copy, a digital download, stickers, our autographs, a Tarot card reading, and one Dream Interpretation session with Circe, and a video request where we will perform in our little studio a song of your choosing. (Please note we reserve the right to refuse songs that do not fit with our musical sensibility, if that happens we will ask for alternative suggestions or return your donation, and we do not do Monkees or Michael Nesmith songs. Thanks for understanding.)

Dolenz Sings R.E.M.


Back again, Micky Dolenz and I have been delighted to record a small collection of songs by this renowned most beloved band.

So far, it's been a critical success and we are looking forward to hearing what all the fans think upon its release.



Dolenz Sings Nesmith


I have many thoughts about this project, but in the meantime suffice it to say that Micky Dolenz and I had an incredible time re-imagining the songs together during the lock-down end of 2020 and 2021.

The results I've been well received, and we are incredibly honored that so many fans have reached out to tell us how meaningful the selection of music is to them.



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Ear Candy!

NezwoodChristian Nesmith and Michael Sherwood have been friends and musical partners for years. When not making TV jingles or working on other artists projects they recorded a batch of brilliants tracks that sat on the shelf gathering dust... Until now.
Groovy Lemon Pie is the name of their long awaited release! If you like XTC, Yes, and The Beatles you will love their clever, poppy mastery.

Check out our Prog record COSMOLOGICA


It was our first swing into the wonderful world of Progressive Rock, and COSMOLOGICA was a blast to make, take a listen.


Cover art for COSMOLOGICA
Cover art for COSMOLOGICA

And check out the video too!