New Record Pre Sales!

The brand new Circe Link CD, Enchanted Objects And Ordinary Things, will be available for pre-sale tomorrow at 7am Eastern at

Full of jangly 12-strings, wall-o-Circe vocals, intimate musings and poppy ponderings, this is the most timely and outspoken record we’ve ever released. I’m really excited about this one.

But, like last time, we need your help with the last two steps - mastering and printing. And we can’t make it happen unless we hit $3500.00.

We have some fun new gifts (you KNOW you want your own C&C big coffee mug!) and and we have created several tiers of contribution so that you can support indy music in a way that’s right for you - from a digital download to your name on the CD to your own couch video request to credit as Executive Producer.

Support independent music. Be generous. And we’ll send you a CD of brand new Circe and Christian music right to your door.

And as always, we are so grateful and humbled by your support.


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A long awaited release…

NezwoodChristian Nesmith and Michael Sherwood have been friends and musical partners for years. When not making TV jingles or working on other artists projects they recorded a batch of brilliants tracks that sat on the shelf gathering dust... Until now.
Groovy Lemon Pie is the name of their long awaited release! If you like XTC, Yes, and The Beatles you will love their clever, poppy mastery.

Groovy Lemon Pie