Check out the new vido from our upcoming record COSMOLOGICA


After many months we emerge from quarantine with new hopes for the future and new music for you ears.
We hope you enjoy this new release and our exploration into the world of aural delights and cosmic inspiration in the form of a Progressive Rock record called COSMOLOGICA
Enjoy the ride.


Cover art for COSMOLOGICA
Cover art for COSMOLOGICA

And check out the new video too!

More Cover Videos!

Ear Candy!

NezwoodChristian Nesmith and Michael Sherwood have been friends and musical partners for years. When not making TV jingles or working on other artists projects they recorded a batch of brilliants tracks that sat on the shelf gathering dust... Until now.
Groovy Lemon Pie is the name of their long awaited release! If you like XTC, Yes, and The Beatles you will love their clever, poppy mastery.

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